Hey, this Artwork is ©AlirezaBagheri

Alireza Bagheri Biography:

I loved TV cartoon programs from childhood and because I loved painting I started to learn it from 2006. By recommendation of my master I’ve started to train caricature too. After that because of my great love to caricature I tried to learn it more… thanks god that I was able to get honors for my city, my province and my country. I’ll mention some of them here:

– First prize in National Contest in caricature section in the 5th Hand and Visual Arts of Poetry and Short Story of students by special needs of Isfahan Province 2012.

– Praised in the 18th International Contest of Islam World Youth Visual Arts. Golestan Province Gorgan 2012

– Organizing an exhibition in Iranian House of Cartoon, Iran. Tehran 2011

– Honorable Mention and Second Winner in the 3rd contest of province products in Hoze Honari in Caricature section ( Kermanshah 2013)

– Cooperation with different organizations.newspapers and magazines and legal and real entity in cartoon from 2006 till now.

– Organizing solo exhibition in Fakgreddin Asad Gorgani Saloon in Gorgan 2011

– Honored in Tehran Tanz Contest ( Artistic and Cultural Center of Tehran Municipality) 2012.

– Second winner in Imam Ali Akbar Contest 2012.

– Selected in International contest of weekly cartoon and caricature by subject of Messy 2012

– Honored in the second Bassej Visual Arts of Golestan Province 2012

– First winner in the 2nd News caricature contest on Iran and America Negotiation 2012

– Selected in the second contest of Shamse Tehran and winner of Honorable Mention and technical prize 2012

– First winner of country in the 5th student contest in Figure Arts by special needs Sari 2011

– Selected in Theater Section in the 29th Artistic student contest of the country , Neyshabor 2011

– Second winner of caricature in Cartoon section of the 1st International Cartoon and Caricature Section of Cartoon magazine- Iran Bojnourd 2013

– Selected as the distinguished young from Golestan Sport General Office 2013

– Third winner in the 6th Visual Arts of Mehr Young 2013

– Third winner and Honorable Mention and trophy in International Resist Art Contest 2013

– He was jury member in International Cartoon and Caricature Contest of Iran Cartoon Magazine and winner of Honorable Mention and Trophy Bojnord 2014

Artistic Honors:

– First winner of caricature in the 15th International Young Visual Arts Contest Gorgan 2008

– First winner of caricature in the 16th International Young Visual Arts Contest Gorgan 2009

– Selected Artist in Imam Ali Akbar National Youth Organization Golestan Gorgan 2009

– Honored in Moharam and Islamic Revolution Triumph Visual Arts Contest Gorgan 2006

– Honored in Golestan Province Exception Ministry of Education Golestan Province Ministry of Health/ Sport, Cultural organization of Gorgan Municipality/ Khial Artistic and Cultural Center Gorgan sly city Riot Guys.

Illustration of different books of ( Farda Efto. Daste Ghoobi. 5Volume books. Gandomak Story. the Important Lesson of that day. Chambolak Story Collection).

– First winner in Chalk Pastel ( lorestan Province) 2010

– Honored in Media Exhibition ( Golestan Province Gorgan) 2010

– Second winner in Caricature section and Honorable diploma in the First International Visual Arts Human Face in Qoran 2010 Gorgan

– Selected Artist in Young Arts Contest ( Hoze Honari) 2010

– Honored by Iranian House of Cartoon Tehran Fadjr Visual Arts Contest 2010

– Sending to Italy for visiting Biennial of Venice by the Director General of Visual Arts Center of Ministry of Islamic Guidance and Culture 2009.

– Solo Exhibitions:

– Iranian House of Cartoon 2010 Tehran

– Permanent Gallery of Iranian House of Cartoon 2010 Tehran

– Gorgan Mirdamad Orgnization 2011 Gorgan

– Iranian House of Cartoon 2012 Tehran

– Iranian House of Cartoon 2014 Tehran